Preston Tools

What are Preston Tools?

Preston Tools are a top-quality tool manufacturer founded in 1825 in Birmingham, England. Edward Preston & Sons was one of the leading English tool manufacturers of its time and left behind a legacy of quality, hand made tools. 

Preston has been noted for its extensive line of spokeshaves, rules, levels and the distinctive Preston planes, as well as a variety of other tools and instruments. 


What will you find in this section?

Tool Bazaar is proud to offer an extensive range of quality Preston tools that come in excellent condition for their antique age. Preston Tools are highly sought after due to their reputation in the tool industry.

Finding traditional, antique Preston Tools is not always easy. We recommend viewing our extensive list of Preston Tools in full to ensure you don't miss out on a rare deal that will be hard to find elsewhere. 

Among our Preston Tool collection you will find:

  • Premium metal planes
  • Early patented reeders
  • Flat and round spokeshaves
  • Stringing Routers 
  • Plus many more! 


Wide Variety Available 

We have thousands of tools in stock, from rare antiques to handy modern editions. If you can't find exactly what you are looking for on our site then please don't hesitate to contact us. We'd be happy to help and we will always try our best to source the exact tool that you are looking for. 

New Preston Tools will be added to the website on a regular basis, so don't forget to check back later to see our updated stock of quality Preston Tools. 



Free UK Delivery

You can currently grab all of our Preston Tools with free UK delivery. Hard to find these quality vintage products in as great a condition as the ones in our collection. Don't miss out on these premium vintage Preston Tools. 

 This page displays just a small selection of what we have on offer. If you don't see what you want, please contact us, and we feel confident we’ll be able to find what you are looking for.