Sold Items

Dive into Tool Bazaar's rich heritage with our Sold Items collection, showcasing a curated selection of vintage and antique tools that have found new homes over the years.

Every piece in this collection tells a story, a testament to the unmatched craftsmanship and uniqueness of each tool that passed through our doors.

Celebrating Over Two Decades of Excellence

Since 1995, Inchmartine Tool Bazaar has been a beacon for antique tool enthusiasts, offering an expansive range of vintage woodworking tools with a blend of functionality and history.

Now, standing tall as the largest old tool dealer in Scotland and one of Britain's most esteemed, our Sold Items collection offers a glimpse into the rich tapestry of our past offerings. It's a salute to both our commitment to preserving the tools of yesteryears and the discerning tastes of our loyal clientele.

A Legacy of Quality and Trust

Perusing our Sold Items is more than just window shopping—it's a journey through time.

Each tool represents our commitment to quality, and to sourcing items that are not only historically significant but also stand ready for hands-on tasks. From tools that have enhanced seasoned craftsmen's workshops to coveted pieces for passionate collectors, our sold items are proof of our enduring promise to deliver the very best.

But don't think of this collection as us "showing off". Far from it!

Our passion goes beyond mere sales. Producing four distinct tool lists annually, we spotlight over 700 tools to give enthusiasts and collectors the information they need to improve and grow their collections. 

While the emphasis remains on usability, we understand the allure of possessing a piece of history, making us the go-to destination for both artisans and collectors. This category serves us a reference for avid collectors to see what's being bought in today's market. 

Future sales

While these items may have found their new homes, Tool Bazaar continues to offer an unparalleled selection of vintage and antique tools. Our legacy, built over decades, ensures that we remain at the forefront of providing both quality and value.

So, whether you're a budding collector or an established enthusiast, our Sold Items stand as an ode to our past, a guidepost to our future, and an inspiration for the next exquisite find at Tool Bazaar.

If you find something you like, please do contact us as we may be able to offer something similar or source the same model of tool for your needs!