Squares, Bevels & Gauges

What is a square?

A square tool is a tool used for measuring and marking out a clean 90° angle. It is commonly used by carpenters and cabinet makers to check the correctness of a right angle when they are working with wood. Squares are also used in technical drawing to ensure optimal accuracy. 

A square tool consists of two straight edge measuring rulers attached to create a perfect right angle. Mitre squares are a similar tool but are used for 45° angles. You will find a range of old and new square tools in this section. 


What is a bevel?

A bevel tool, or a sliding T bevel as it is also known, is another measurement tool designed to help carpenters make clean cuts in their wood at their desired angle. A bevel is an angled cut relative to the face of the material. This cut can take place along the side of the plank or cut at the end. 

Woodworkers use a bevel to match their cuts to other pieces of wood that aren't at standard angles (such as 90 or 45), giving a seamless transition between posts, beams and planks, depending on what you are working with. Bevels are an important tool in woodworking and can help give your woodwork project a smooth, accurate fit and finish. 


What is a gauge?

A gauge tool when used in woodworking is another tool to help improve accuracy. A marking gauge, or a scratch gauge as it is also known, is used to mark out cutting lines in woodwork or metalwork. The main purpose of a marking gauge is to scribe a line parallel to a reference edge or surface. Mortice gauges are used to mark out mortice and tenon joints in cabinet work. 

Tool Bazaar have a wide selection of gauges available, many of which are vintage, deriving from around the 1900's. 


What will you find in this section?

In this section you will find a mixture of different measuring tools. Some of our measuring tools, such as our gauges or square tools, are vintage meaning they will be slightly worn. However, we pride ourselves on providing quality tools in great condition, so even if they are 50+ years old, they will still work and get the job done to a high standard. 

Browse this section to find:

  • Mortise gauges
  • Twin arm gauges
  • Marking gauges
  • Double angle bevels 
  • Steel angle bevel
  • Small square tools
  • Combination square kit
  • + many more!


Wide Variety Available 

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New tools will be added to the website on a regular basis, so don't forget to check back later to see our updated stock. 


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