13 Valuable Vintage Tools That Make Collectors Money

Welcome to the world of vintage tools; a valuable commodity that is often overlooked. But not here at Tool Bazaar.  

As antique tool enthusiasts ourselves, we love the rich history of vintage tools and treasure the historic tales that they boast. We’re dedicated to collecting, preserving and sharing the legacy embedded in each tool so as to bring tool collectors and sellers from across the globe to our humble, tool store. 

This blog looks to highlight some of the most valuable vintage tools that are well worth investing in, especially for the tool lovers and vintage collectors amongst us.  

We’ve listed 13 highly valuable and rare tools that you’ll struggle to find elsewhere, giving details on each to help you make an informed buying decision.  

Let’s get into it! 


Why Antique Tools Are Valuable

Antique tools are treasures of a bygone era. Their allure is rooted in the exceptional craftsmanship, historical significance, age, and rarity that each individual tool possess. Their value is more than just their utility; they offer a tangible connection to the past, representing milestones in the evolution of human ingenuity and craftsmanship.

For resellers, these tools present an opportunity for a profitable niche.

Their rarity and the growing interest in heritage crafts increase their value, promising potential high returns for those who can spot a good deal. .

On the other hand, collectors appreciate the distinctive character these tools add to their collections. Owning a rare tool not only enhances the uniqueness of your assortment but also offers the pleasure of possessing an artifact with a rich story to tell.

In this crossroads of history and craftsmanship, antique tools gain their true value, uniting resellers and collectors in their shared appreciation for these unique pieces.

Let us now look at 13 of the most valuable antique tools available today to guide you on your tool buying journey.


The Top 13 Vintage Tools That Make Collectors Money

  1. Spiers of Ayr Panel Plane

We're thrilled to bring you an absolute standout from our antique tool collection - the Spiers of Ayr Panel Plane.  

This vintage tool isn't just another plane. It's a rare SPIERS of AYR model. It's believed to be one of the earliest versions, hailing from the period between 1910 and 1915. There's even a suggestion it could have been a prototype! 

The tool is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship, forged from dovetailed steel and adorned with an old-style gunmetal lever cap - a rarity in itself. The front knob is an authentic ebony piece, highlighted by an inserted brass collar, as is the fully enclosed rosewood handle - in impeccable condition with no cracks. 

Adding to its functionality, the plane hosts a Mathieson backing iron and an almost full-length thick parallel iron by Arron Hildick, believed to be original due to their snug fit. With minor signs of use, this piece has been well-preserved throughout its lifetime. 

Having worked in the antique tools industry for over 30 years, we can affirm with certainty that I've never come across this exact model before. It's a truly unique piece, making it an irresistible opportunity for both resellers and collectors alike. 

Don't miss your chance to own this piece of history for only £1,250.00! 

vintage tool Panel Plane


  1. Exceptionally Rare William Marples Gunmetal Smoothing Plane

Tool Bazaar brings you another standout, the Exceptionally Rare William Marples Gunmetal Smoothing Plane.  

This extraordinary smoothing plane hails from the esteemed William Marples & Sons of Sheffield, fashioned in the Slater style. Notably, this is the first Marples smoothing plane of this style we've encountered.  

Crafted with superior quality, it boasts a chamfered gunmetal lever cap, and solid ebony infill, radiating timeless elegance. It also retains its original thick parallel iron and backing iron from William Marples. 

Apart from a worn chip and minor damage to the wood infill, the plane's condition is commendable. Measuring 7 1/2" long and 2 3/4" wide, this rare find is a valuable treasure for any collector or reseller. Don't miss out on this unparalleled piece of tool history! 

Vintage Gunmetal Smoothing Plane 

  1. No. 27 Gunmetal Bullnose Plane: An Antique Masterpiece

Explore another treasure in our collection: the Norris Of London No. 27 Gunmetal Bullnose Plane.  

This early edition Norris of London No. 27 is an embodiment of exceptional craftsmanship, featuring a steel-based gunmetal London pattern. Remarkably, it's maintained its original condition, showcasing an ebony wedge and an original, substantial Norris blade.  

All parts of the plane are intriguingly stamped with a number 4. Apart from minor pitting on the steel sole, the plane is in remarkable condition with a tight mouth.  

Compact yet heavy, it measures 3 3/4" long and 1 1/8" wide.  

This tool is not just a functioning antique but a tangible piece of history, an irreplaceable acquisition for discerning collectors and shrewd resellers alike. Be sure to jump at this chance to own a piece of London's tool-making legacy! 

Antique Gunmetal Bullnose Plane 

  1. Superb Mixed Set Of 8 Pig Sticker Mortice Chisels

Tool Bazaar invites you to explore this superb mixed set of 8 heavy-duty Pig Sticker Mortice Chisels. They come with oval beech and hickory handles, mainly made of cast steel.  

What makes this collection unique is its graduation in sizes, ranging from the elusive 1/8" width up to a robust 5/8" width, covering most of the 1/16" sizes. This set includes masterpieces from renowned makers such as I. Sorby of Sheffield, John Green, and Pearson of Sheffield, giving you an anthology of craftsmanship.  

Each chisel is in exceptional condition with long blades free from pitting, making it a delightful addition to your collection or a profitable find for the reseller. Don't miss out on the chance to own this fantastic set of chisels, a true reflection of historical tool craftsmanship! 

Vintage 8 Pig Sticker Mortice Chisels 

  1. Rare Coachmakers Router Plane: A Remarkable Find

Feast your eyes on one of the rarest Coachmakers shaves available - the very fine & extremely rare Coachmakers Router Plane 

This particular example is possibly the finest of its type.  

Measuring 16" long, this splendid router plane showcases a beautifully shaped brass-inlaid plate and an original chamfered and shaped sliding blade protector piece. Coupled with a steel and brass cutter block and full-length blades, it exemplifies fine craftsmanship.  

Presumably used for cutting rebates in curved window frames, it's an exceptional example of historical tool making and arrives in fine condition.  

So, whether you're an antique collector passionate about unique finds or a reseller seeking the rarest tools, this is an unrivalled acquisition. Don't miss out on this superb piece of history! 

Vintage Coachmakers Router Plane 

  1. Rare Ebony & Brass Inclinometer By Darroch & Newell

Another rarity from the Tool Bazaar collection - the Ebony & Brass Inclinometer by Darroch & Newell.  

A striking representation of 19th-century craftsmanship, this 8" long, solid ebony and brass inclinometer level exemplifies the quality synonymous with Darroch & Newell & Co. The ebony body is intricately adorned with a brass top, ends, and feet, yielding a sublime aesthetic blend. Moreover, the top scale, marked from 0 - 50, adds to its antique charm.  

Among the inclinometers we've encountered over the years, this one holds a unique position for its exquisite quality. A rarity in its own right, it's a splendid addition to any collection and a promising acquisition for savvy resellers.  

Don't overlook this chance to claim a piece of tool history that is as rare as it is beautiful! 

 Vintage Ebony & Brass Inclinometer

  1. Superb Set of 6 Long Bladed Paring Gouges

We're thrilled to introduce a set of six 19th century long bladed paring gouges that echo timeless craftsmanship.  

Boasting matching best London pattern boxwood handles and cast steel construction, they represent quality and durability. The set features a versatile range of widths from 3/4" to 1 1/2" and diverse curves, catering to various needs.  

What elevates this collection is the signature of renowned makers, including I. Sorby of Sheffield, Thomas Ibbotson & Co, Williams Marples & Sons of Sheffield, and Robert Sorby of Sheffield.  

Each gouge features a long, clean blade free of pitting - they're as near to perfection as one could hope. For collectors and resellers, this exceptional set is not just a purchase but an investment in historical craftsmanship.  


  1. Dovetailed Steel Rebate Plane by Norris of London

We're pleased to showcase another Norris of London antique tool - the 8" long, 3/4" wide Dovetailed Steel Rebate Plane.  

This unique piece, dating back to early tool manufacturing days, features an elegant dark rosewood infill and an original, near full-length snecked iron. The quality is evident in the plane's well-preserved mouth, a characteristic of superior craftsmanship. While the metal shows a slight over-polishing, this does not detract from the plane's inherent charm and historical significance.  

This tool is a must-have for those looking to add an emblem of the golden age of tool making to their collection. Whether you're a reseller eyeing quality tools or a passionate collector, this Norris of London piece stands as a testament to the finesse of vintage tool design.  

 Vintage Steel Rebate Plane by Norris of London

  1. Rare Rabone, Birmingham Ebony & Gunmetal Ullage Rule: A Testament to Exceptional Quality

Unveiling an exquisite artifact that is available right here at Tool Bazaar - the Rabone, Birmingham Ebony & Gunmetal Ullage Rule. 

A splendid product of late 19th century craftsmanship, this heavy grade 12" long gunmetal and ebony Ullage rule is credited to the renowned John Rabone & Sons of Birmingham. Distinguished by the mark No. M11, this rule showcases the superb quality that Rabone is known for.  

Such rules are rarely seen in the market, especially in this pristine condition, making this piece a veritable gem for collectors and resellers alike.  

With its rarity and superb condition, it is an ideal addition to any antique tool collection, a treasure that promises to captivate attention and appreciation. Secure this piece of history and enjoy the prestige it brings to your collection.  

 Rare Gunmetal Ullage Rule

  1. Superb Pair of Early Tailors Scissors by T. Wilkinson & Sons

Next to take the spotlight is this superb pair of early patented Gunmetal Handled Tailors Shears by T. Wilkinson & Sons of Sheffield.  

Crafted with weighty gunmetal, these 7" long-bladed shears speak volumes of the quality that the renowned maker is acclaimed for. Bearing the 'PATENT' stamp on one side, the pair has a unique identity that antique collectors and resellers will find irresistible. Despite slight pitting to the metal, the shears maintain impressive condition relative to their age and remain perfectly usable.  

This pair of scissors is a testament to the rich history of tailoring and is a must-have for anyone passionate about the craft or vintage tools. Don't miss the chance to own these artifacts of fine tailoring! 

 Early Tailors Scissors by T. Wilkinson & Sons

  1. Scottish Ebony & Brass Level By Buist Of Edinburgh: A Level Above The Rest

Adorning our vintage collection is the beautiful 19th-century Scottish Ebony & Brass Level by Buist of Edinburgh.  

This splendid piece, spanning 10" long, intertwines elegant ebony with intricately inlaid brass on its top and sides. The level stands on brass feet, and its original clear bubble remains intact, contributing to its charm. Exemplifying the exceptional design aesthetics of its time, this level is a stunning sight for antique collectors and resellers alike.  

Despite its age, the level is in fine condition, free from any damage. Don't miss the chance to add this perfect blend of craftsmanship and functionality to your collection or resale inventory. 


  1. Set Of 7 Various Bevel-Edged Chisels: The Versatile Toolkit

We're thrilled to present a set of 7 distinct bevel-edged chisels, each promising superb craftsmanship from top-notch makers.  

What sets this ensemble apart is its extensive range of sizes - from the rare, delicate precision of a 1/8" width, expanding all the way to a robust 1" width. Each piece features a well-turned wooden handle, offering comfort along with functionality. The chisels boast long, sturdy blades, further accentuating their utility and appeal.  

Whether you're a collector celebrating the evolution of carpentry tools or a reseller seeking valuable items, this set is a remarkable representation of craftsmanship meeting practicality. Grab this opportunity to own or profit from this splendid collection of bevel-edged chisels. 

 Vintage bevel-Edged Chisels

  1. 19th Century Walnut Bow Drill: The Essence of Vintage Craftsmanship

We're delighted to showcase an exquisite artifact - the 19th Century Walnut Bow Drill.  

An embodiment of timeless workmanship, this walnut bow drill boasts a lovely dark brown hue, accentuating its age and beauty. A fragment of its original trade label, still affixed to the handle, adds an authentic touch. Though the metal chuck exhibits some pitting, it remains operational, testifying to the tool's resilience. Despite the disintegration of the internal spring, the drill's operation remains smooth.  

Measuring a convenient 9 1/2" in length, it's a wonderful example of functionality paired with vintage charm. This rare find, with its blend of historical richness and utility, is indeed the perfect candidate for enhancing any antique tool collection. 


Benefits of Purchasing From Tool Bazaar 

At Tool Bazaar, quality and authenticity take centre stage. Our comprehensive range of antique tools has been meticulously curated and vetted for quality, offering buyers a trove of genuine pieces steeped in historical charm and character. 

Resellers can count on the profit potential of our collection. With their authenticity ensured, the tools can be marketed to discerning buyers who appreciate the value of such rarities. From rare woodworking tools to unique metal implements, the diversity and rarity of our collection increase the potential for high returns. 

Collectors, on the other hand, will find a wealth of items that can serve as striking additions to their collections. Each tool in our inventory carries a story, enhancing the depth and uniqueness of their assemblage. 

To make things even better, frequent buyers can look forward to bulk discounts and a rewarding buyer’s program, ensuring that every purchase is not just an acquisition of a quality tool, but also a wise investment. 


Quality Vintage Tools at Tool Bazaar 

We invite you to delve into the world of antique craftsmanship with our diverse catalogue of vintage tools. Each tool listed above is an exceptional piece of history that awaits your discovery and ownership. Our user-friendly platform ensures a smooth buying experience, enabling you to secure your chosen piece effortlessly. 

So, why not spread the word? Share this blog post with your fellow tool enthusiasts, antique collectors, and history buffs.Your next great find could be just a click away, right here at Tool Bazaar. 

And if you have any questions or specific requests, get in touch!

We’ll be more than happy to lend our expert advice to any budding tool enthusisats or collectors out there.

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