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We have thousands of cabinet makers and joiner's antique and old hand tools in stock, all of which can be purchased online and delivered to your door. If you’d rather take a closer look at the items we stock, come by our shop in the beautiful and picturesque Carse of Gowrie in Perth and Kinross. With vintage tools for sale ranging from antique woodworking hand tools, vintage carpentry tools there is no better place to shop.

To ensure you have all the information you need before making a purchase, every item we sell has a detailed, accurate description in place of the traditional Fine Tool Journal condition classification.

If you would rather not use our online ordering system to buy vintage tools, please call us directly during standard business hours, and we can help place your order and complete payment over the phone.

However you wish to browse or purchase our range of tools, we are happy to accommodate. You can contact us using +44 (0)1821 670770 

Look around, purchase online, over the phone, or come and see us to find some exceptional antique tools.

Please Note:  For international orders of multiple items from the site, the overall postage costs can often be reduced. Simply get in touch via email or give us a call. Individual items must each have their own postage costs due to the current UK internet trading laws.


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