Saws are an integral part of any tool collection, vintage or modern. 

Despite the convenience and power of a woodworking machine, there are certain things a machine can’t do. We recommend investing in some solid hand tools that allow you the control and precision you need to develop your woodworking skills and achieve the desired result. It’s vital to your woodworking practice that you purchase at least one high quality and functional hand saw.

What kind of saw do I need?

There are 9 main types of hand saw, and the kind of saw you require will depend entirely on the effect you want to create.

  • Universal saw (also known as the general-purpose saw)

The universal saw is what most of us picture in our heads when we think of a hand saw. It’s incredibly versatile and has varying sizes of teeth to facilitate different types of cutting. There are several different types including rip saws, cross cut saws and panel saws.

A good general rule to remember is that the larger the teeth, the faster you’ll be able to cut. However, it’s important to note that large teeth leave behind very rough wood. If you’re looking to make more precise cuts, then you’ll need a saw with smaller teeth.

  • Tenon saw

Tenon saws are the most popular type of hand saws and come in a variety of lengths both brass backed and steel backed. They come with either open or fully enclosed handles. These saws can also be used alongside a mitre fence to produce precise and angled cuts. Their small teeth are ideal for interior woodwork, as they offer very neat results.

  • Japanese saw

Japanese saws are great for those small, hard to reach places. Their flexible blades and fine teeth make them essential to any decorative woodworking or for anyone who needs clean flush cuts. Interestingly, unlike traditional Western saws, they cut on the pull stroke. This means they are easier to use than other styles of saw.

  • Jab saw (also known as a keyhole saw)

If you’re working in a confined space, the long ‘nose’ of this saw allows you to make straight or curved cuts in hard to reach places. 

  • Coping saw

The coping saw features a thin blade held tight in a U-frame. If you’re a model maker or artist who needs to make curved, decorative cuts, the coping saw makes it easy to achieve.

  • Flush cut saw

Generally used for finishing work, this saw is designed to make flush cuts.

  • Bow saw

This is a traditional frame type saw made of wood with revolving handles and has a string at the top which is tensioned for use. This type of saw can also be taken apart and stored in a confined space. Larger examples were used for cutting logs for the fire or big ragged hunks of wood.

  • Pruning saw

A curved saw used for pruning plants, trees or just bits of wood.

  • Frame saw

Particularly old fashioned, these stunning saws consist of a wooden frame with a blade forming one of the sides.


What will you find in this section?

In this section you can expect to find saws of all different sizes, types and styles. You will likely find a lot of vintage saws which come with wooden beech or applewood handles. Although all of our vintage saws are in good condition, please check the individual description of each product to see if any damage or issues exist before buying. 

Browse this section further if you want to find a saw that fits perfectly for your needs, we're bound to have something in our vast collection that will tick your tool box!


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