Spiers & Mathieson Planes

Spiers and Mathieson are premium tool manufacturers who are known for producing high quality planes of all types, shapes and sizes.

Most Spiers and Mathieson infill planes have a dovetailed steel body with a rosewood infill. They generally come with very thick parallel blades meaning wood shatter is a thing of the past. If you are searching for a premium plane for your woodwork projects, you will find a range of well-maintained, vintage planes here. 


What is an Infill Plane?

An infill plane usually consists of a metal body with various wood components tightly fitted ( or infilled) into the interior. These original, handmade tools come in different sizes and styles and perform essentially the same functions as more modern planes - that is, helping to smooth or sharpen wood. 

Planes are excellent tools for woodworking projects and at-home DIY jobs. You can improve the look and feel of your wood whilst shaping it into a more convenient structure to suit your personal taste.

The most common types of plane styles by Spiers and Mathieson are;

  • Smoother Plane
  • Panel Plane
  • Shoulder Plane
  • Mitre Plane
  • Bullnose Plane
  • Rebtate Plane
  • Jointing Plane

You will also find some robust cast metal planes that are perfect for sanding and smoothing particularly rough or stubborn pieces of wood. Tool Bazaar stocks a wide range of planes to suit any type of job. 


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