Tools for Repair

Welcome to the unique Tools for Repair collection at Tool Bazaar!  

If you have a passion for reviving vintage and antique tools to their original glory, this curated selection is your treasure trove of opportunities.  

In keeping with our long-standing reputation as Scotland's leading antique tool dealer, we present you with a range of tools that are just waiting to be restored, repaired, and reused – all at a reduced price due to their less than perfect condition.  


A Haven for Craftsmen and Collectors Alike 

Since our inception in 1995, Tool Bazaar has built its name on offering good, usable tools for both the woodworker and the collector.  

Our new Tools for Repair collection adds an exciting dimension to our range, allowing you to get your hands on antique pieces that require a little love and craftsmanship to bring them back to life. It's a fantastic option for anyone who enjoys the meticulous process of restoration or for those looking to complete a set with hard-to-find pieces. 


Why purchase tools that need to be repaired? 

Repairing and restoring these antique tools can offer immense satisfaction. Not only do you get to preserve a piece of woodworking history, but you also get a functional tool that stands the test of time.  

Whether it's a moulding plane missing its blade and wedge , a named infill plane requring a major overhaul or an old blade that's lost its luster, each tool in this collection promises to be a rewarding project for those who appreciate the craftsmanship of a bygone era. 

Stay Tuned for Regular Updates 

Our inventory is continually being refreshed and our Tools for Repair collection is no exception.  

We invite you to check back regularly to discover new additions that could become your next restoration masterpiece. 

Should you have any questions or require assistance in sourcing a particular tool for your project, don't hesitate to reach out.  

Tool Bazaar is always here to help you navigate your way to the perfect restoration project. Free UK delivery applies to all our tool categories, and overseas deliveries are charged at standard rates. 

Unlock the potential of these historic pieces and discover the rewarding world of antique tool restoration with our Tools for Repair collection. Happy restoring!